14:50 (GMT+2) Mon, 09 Jan 2017
Super Rugby 2017 is nearly here....
14:43 (GMT+2) Mon, 09 Jan 2017
The Recent rains having been causing havoc in the northern parts of South Africa.
14:34 (GMT+2) Mon, 09 Jan 2017
We were talking about roadblocks on the show today. Question was when was the last time you were stopped by police or traffic officialsWe went to Durban from the 23rd Dec to 3rd of Jan and got 5 roadblocks going there. Delayed my trip by an hour and
08:00 (GMT+2) Mon, 09 Jan 2017
 The fight for South Africa’s mammals could prove harder than expected.This follows the release of the 2016 Revised Red List of Mammals of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the South African Nat
07:25 (GMT+2) Mon, 09 Jan 2017
After four years of consultation, Treasury gazetted final demarcation regulations in late December, ending years of uncertainty on the future of gap cover, hospital cash plans and primary healthcare policies.Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and Health
07:18 (GMT+2) Mon, 09 Jan 2017
"Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if you kick us all out, you'll have nothing to watch except for football and mixed martial arts, which are not arts."Meryl Streep received the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Gold
06:43 (GMT+2) Mon, 09 Jan 2017
Washington - If 2017 is the year you leave a job where you are miserable, whatever you do, suck it up and plan for a graceful exit.Rule Numero Uno: Stay off social media.Too many people give into their negative feelings on the way to their next job a
19:00 (GMT+2) Sun, 08 Jan 2017
The Department of Environmental Affairs has granted permission for local communities in Tsitsikamma to fish off the coastline in three areas of the Marine Protected Area.It says the rezoning comes after extensive public participation includ
11:00 (GMT+2) Sun, 08 Jan 2017
It’s one thing to set goals for the New Year; it’s another thing entirely to keep with them – especially when it comes to getting in shape.There’s one trick, however, that will help keep you motivated and 78 per cent of Canadi

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