12:00 (GMT+2) Tue, 29 Nov 2016
Remember the Bucket Challenge in 2014? Well  in 2016 it funded an ALS Breakthrough. In 2014 several publications criticized the Challenge, with the Time calling it problematic in almost every way.Well the Ice bucket challenge raised over 100 mil
12:00 (GMT+2) Mon, 28 Nov 2016
More than 800,000 volunteers pitched in to help the country fight climate change.Indian officials have reported that volunteers planted a whopping 49.3 million tree saplings on July 11, blowing past the previous record for most trees planted in a sin
12:00 (GMT+2) Sun, 27 Nov 2016
Number 34 of our positive stories of 2016 takes us to Portugal. Portugal kept its lights on with renewable energy alone for four consecutive days last week in a clean energy milestone revealed by data analysis of national energy network figures.
07:18 (GMT+2) Sat, 26 Nov 2016
Scientists  are developing a robotic arm they hope will talk back to the brain
13:00 (GMT+2) Fri, 25 Nov 2016
We are at number 36 of our positive stories on 2016Zoleka Mandela, Gcina Mhlophe, Zulaika Patel and Thuli Madonsela, 4 South Africans, Who have been named as part of the BBC`s 100 Women List for 2016.Patel, a pupil at Pretoria Girls High, was among t
13:00 (GMT+2) Thu, 24 Nov 2016
We are now at number 37. South African Flag was flying at the 7th annual New York International Spirits Challenge. Van Ryn, and Oudemeester walked away with several accolades including silver and gold awards.They make up number 37 in our positive sto
17:31 (GMT+2) Wed, 23 Nov 2016
Number 38, This one is a special one for our colleague Doreen, 2016 is the year that she and along millions of fans witnessed after 6 Academy Nominations, Leonardo Di Caprio finally won and Oscar for the Revenant. Its one of the stories that many cel
17:28 (GMT+2) Wed, 23 Nov 2016
Number 40. A new fabric invented in 2016, low cost plastic fabric which can cool down the body in summer, helping reduce people`s reliance on air conditioners, the team says that the fabric allows the body to release heat in a new way. Its our n
08:22 (GMT+2) Wed, 23 Nov 2016
As we come to an end to a tough Springbok season, let`s think about the good times. Which try would you consider your Best Springbok try since readmission in 1992. i can think of two at the moment, Ricky Januarie`s winning try against All B
11:02 (GMT+2) Mon, 21 Nov 2016
At number 40. Solar Impulse 2, which landed in Abhu Dabir the first plane powered by the renewable energy source to tour the globe.The plane, which has a wingspan wider than a Boeing 747 and carries more than 17,000 solar cells on its wings, began th

Do you believe that as citizens we truly have a say in what our leaders do?

Yes, its democracy in action
If by having a say is vote every 5 years and let them do whatever they want
No it’s a farce they say its for our own good but its not
I really don`t care