08:17 (GMT+2) Fri, 24 Feb 2017
A huge, hairy mysterious sea creature has washed up on a beach in the Philippines.Stunned locals have flocked to the beach in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands to gawp at the monster-like beast and take selfies with it.The huge white hairy beast is thought
08:52 (GMT+2) Thu, 23 Feb 2017
Uploaded by MertErolOfficialMix - an Parrot singing Eminem & Rihanna - The Monster.YouTube. Amazon parrots sing opera - the ...
08:38 (GMT+2) Wed, 22 Feb 2017
Cape Town – Nothing is too big or small for Members of Parliament to declare.From DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s happy socks and the gift of a bow and arrow, to a R4 999 bottle of whisky given to Deputy Defence Minister Kebby Maphatsoe by the
08:15 (GMT+2) Tue, 21 Feb 2017
Every year the fear of God is put into income taxpayers as accountants and other experts jostle for attention-grabbing headlines regarding personal tax increases. Managers and professionals all go to experts’ presentations on how to handle this
08:34 (GMT+2) Thu, 16 Feb 2017
This is the hair-raising moment a stunning Russian model posed for a death-defying photoshoot on top of one of the world's tallest skyscrapers.Viki Odintcova, 23, was held up only by the hand of a male assistant as she leaned out into thin
08:31 (GMT+2) Thu, 16 Feb 2017
Cape Town – With a severe tropical storm upgraded to cyclone status on Wednesday afternoon, "Dineo" is dominating much of the Mozambique channel. There is a chance of it bringing heavy rainfall and/or flooding to some north-eastern re
08:31 (GMT+2) Wed, 15 Feb 2017
If you think your job has its downsides, then the people in these images may just help to put things in perspective.They have jobs that will make yours look like a dream.Some insist, against all odds, that they adore their chosen professions - the Br
08:38 (GMT+2) Mon, 13 Feb 2017
Tributes to South Africa’s rugby hero, Joost van der Westhuizen, were paid at all Championship matches in Round Two of 2017 with a minute’s applause in Cardiff, Rome and Paris. The organisers said the tribute was to mark “the p

Do you think electronic monitoring for 1st time offenders in prisons would yield successful results by reducing reoffending rates ?